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Advanced Poetry Writing and Reading Competition: The Indonesian Language Competition in the USA 2020

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berita puisi lanjut

Click the link below for watching the full live recorded event:

Popy Rufaidah, Education and Culture Attaché warmly welcomed the participants and the audiences who have participated virtually in the Indonesian Language Competition (Lomba Bahasa Indonesia) 2020 for the Advanced Poetry Writing and Reading Category held by the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C. through the Education and Culture Attaché in collaboration with the Consortium for Teaching of Indonesian (COTI).

A number of finalists from various backgrounds who has previously selected read their poetry under The Future of Indonesia (Indonesia Maju) theme. The participants namely:

-Stephen Louis Spanos – untitled

-Daniel David McCoy – Jogjakarta

-Sadi Emery Phillips – Mereka Berkata Kami Berbeda

-Daniel Nathan Owen – Berbelok Lalu Maju Terus atau Maju Dulu Baru Berbelok

-Elisebeth Doty – Pohon Beringin

-Christopher Hulshof – Demi Kemajuan Bangsa Indonesia

-Lael Rizer Giebel – Indonesia Tanah Impianku

This great event moderated by Mentari Arinardi, a fresh graduate of University of Californiaat San Diego, has successfully attracted enthusiasm from various groups of audience, one of which was Prof. Emi Emilia, Head of the Center for Strategy and Language Diplomacy of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia 2015-2019. Prof. Emilia expressed her appreciation to all the Indonesian language lecturers in COTI and all the participants who have joined this event. She was also surprised by all the poetry they made.

“(Those are) very good and excellent poetry. There is a sense of belonging to Indonesia and Indonesian Language from the Americans. It appears that they are part of Indonesia” said Prof. Emilia.

Click the link below for watching the full live video:

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