berita bianka 6

Webinar Bincang Karya or BIANKA 06 – Oil & Gas Beyond 2020

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berita bianka 6

Washington, DC. (09/15/2020). BIANKA or Bincang Karya, a serial-webinar held by the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C., USA through the Attaché for Education and Culture has been consistently conducted until the 6th series. This event was chaired by prof. Popy Rufaidah, the Education and Cultural Attaché.

The recorded live event of BIANKA Seri-6 can be accessed in the following link

A number of important figures were presented in the webinar with the theme, “Oil and Gas: Beyond 2020” including Dr. Jennifer L. Miskimins, Ph.D., PE, Department Head of Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines. On this occasion, Dr. Miskimins gave a presentation about the special qualities which the Colorado School of Mines has, especially in the petroleum engineering department. One of the advantages of this campus is that it balances the portion of theory and practice that is directly related to the industrial world. Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the Colorado School of Mines is conducting hybrid online and offline lectures.

There was also a presentation from Hiroki Sone, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geological Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Similar to the previous speaker, Mr. Sone detailed the advantages of his campus. In his presentation, Mr. Sone emphasized that the University of Wisconsin has a very large research activity. They have also established international cooperation, including with the Indonesian National Oil and Gas Agency, the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), and a number of universities in Europe and Asia.

After hearing the presentation from two speakers, the discussion was continued with a presentation from Prof. Taufan Marhaendrajana from ITB as the representative of the Indonesian State University Chancellors Council. Prof. Marhaendrajana presented the excellence of the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum at ITB. Prof. Marhaendrajana revealed that Indonesia still has a number of natural potentials related to mining and petroleum. This needs to be developed again, including the factor of human resources. Currently, the interest of the Indonesian people to enter the mining and petroleum department is still quite large, especially in ITB.

In addition to the presentations above, the sixth series of BIANKA also presented explanations from two Indonesian students who are the LPDP awardee. The first presentation was delivered by Eril Suhada Lanin, ST., M.Sc., a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Geological Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mr. Lanin conveyed his findings that the mineral layer in Indonesia has low strength and has a high risk of cracking.

The discussion continued with the presentation of Gama Firdaus, a Ph.D. candidate from the Petroleum Engineering Department, Colorado School of Mine. Mr. Firdaus gave his recommendation to the Indonesian government to use unconventional rocks. This was done to achieve the target of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia in realizing 1 million barrels of oil per day by 2030. He also explained a number of technical matters related to the utilization of unconventional rock. Another recommendation for the Indonesian government is to create a friendlier oil investment climate for investors so that unconventional developments in Indonesia can be faster.

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