berita bianka 10

Webinar Bincang Karya or BIANKA 10 – Legal Research Broadening the Perspective

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berita bianka 10

Washington, DC., (11/10/2020). The 10th series of BIANKA or Bincang Karya, a serial-webinar held by the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C., USA through the Attaché for Education and Culture discussed about the Legal Research: Broadening the Perspective.

Prof. Popy Rufaidah as the Education and Cultural attaché chaired this virtual event. The recorded live event of BIANKA Seri-10 can be accessed in the following link

This webinar series had Terry Price, J.D., an Executive Director of our Graduate Programs as one of the speakers together with Dr. Anna B. Bosch, J.D., PH.D., Director, Visiting Scholars Program, School of Law, University of Washington, Seattle presented about The University of Washington. They explained in detail about the programs that the law school offers including the Visit scholars program. In addition, Mr. Price talked a lot about the facilities provided by the university such as the library, the student body, the hall, and the cafe where students usually gather to talk and share information each other about their programs and about the legal issues. Furthermore, Dr. Bosch added some information about their incredible alums coming from Indonesia such as Dr. Prisca Rumokoy, Prof. Erman Rajaguguk Prof. Melda Kamil and some other alums.

The Indonesian students also participated in this webinar. Aristo Pangaribuan, a PhD candidate at the University of Washington Law School shared about what he was doing in the university of Washington. Through his presentation entitled Broadening the Perspective of Legal research, Mr. Pangaribuan brought the idea of Plea Bargaining that already exists in America. By considering the advantages of Plea Bargaining, he seeks for the possibility of the implementation of Plea bargaining in Indonesia.

The discussion was continued by the presentation from Chocky R. Ramadhan, a PhD student of the University of Washington. Mr. Ramadhan shared the journey of his study and research to broaden the perspective of legal research and development. The first part of his presentation talked about the study program he is taking in the University of Washington and how the university gives their students many opportunities to explore and broaden their research. he continued the presentation by sharing about his current research proposal which focuses on the benefit-cost analysis of the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Law and Enforcement. Specifically, he tries to investigate how much benefit outweighs the cost of enforcing the Indonesian anti-corruption law and how costs could be reduced, benefit could be enhanced.

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