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SS BK 28

Bincang Karya (Bianka) Webinar Presented the Talents of Indonesian Students in Business 

The 28th series of Bincang Karya (Bianka) or Creation Talks Webinar was held by the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, DC on Tuesday (03/29). The webinar led by Yudi Azis, Head of the Doctoral Program in Management Sciences, Padjadjaran University, focused on discussing the field of Business Studies, a sector that was heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wisnu Sardjono, the Director of Research of the Indonesia Endowment Funds for Education (LPDP), the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia said, “There are 43 entrepreneurship scholarship recipients in 2021. They will study in world business schools and 58% of them plan to study in the United States.” 

On a different occasion, the Indonesian Ambassador to the United States, Rosan P. Roeslani stated, “The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the business sector, especially tourism and retail. According to the data from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, since February 2020 the number of foreign tourists entering Indonesia has decreased significantly, and the peak occurred in April 2020, which was only 158,000 tourists.” 

For this reason, Ambassador Rosan hoped that Indonesian human resources could actively participate in the national economic recovery, especially in the business sector.

“The Indonesian government hopes to rise together, and this is manifested in the theme that is carried out for this year’s G20 event, namely, “Recover together, Recover Stronger,” Ambassador Rosan concluded.

Will Torres, the Director of Outreach, MBA Admissions, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University informed that Stanford University supported students not only academically but also financially. It was also informed that those admitted students would be provided with financing for their studies and living. In the question-and-answer session, Will said that his institution was very welcome to work with researchers or business founders. 

Meanwhile, Stephanie Butler, Associate Director, MIT Sloan School of Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said that there were labs that focus on: healthcare, global entrepreneurial entrepreneurship, digital project management, sustainability, business management, and so on. It was also explained that her institution was also actively discussing the problems that are being experienced by businesspeople during this pandemic.

The third representative was Cevat Tosun, Program Director of MS in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management from George Washington University who shared what his institution was doing regarding the response to the Covid-19 pandemic where they were very active in organizing seminars and discussion forums to discuss problems that have arisen in the tourism business sector due to this pandemic.

Fransiska Putri Wina Hadiwidjana, a student in the Master of Business Administration program at Stanford University joined the event and shared the works that she built which brought her to the MBA program. She explained, “I work in the field of Tech and started several startup companies. The first was Healthcare Medical Device, gloves that can detect breast cancer, then I created Prelo, which is e-commerce. I was also involved in a project called Women Works. This is a mentorship platform to ensure that women can pursue their careers.”

Also participating in this event was Fransisca Susan, a doctoral student in Operations Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Susan was focusing her research on the topic of Designing Data-Driven Algorithms for Online Marketplaces. “Essentially, I design data-driven machine learning algorithms for online marketplaces like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. For example, in an online ticket platform, a marketplace that sorts their products, this algorithm helps them to optimally sort products based on the profiles of customers who come to make it easier for customers to find and buy the tickets they want,” she explained.

On the other hand, Astina Yanti Kabbi who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management at George Washington University shared her current research related to plastic waste with the topic “The Social, Environmental, and Economic Impact of Waste (Plastic Pollution) in Indonesia. “The reason I took this topic was to control plastic waste. Because of this problem is a support system in tourism development,” concluded Astina.

Popy Rufaidah, Educational and Cultural Attaché (Atdikbud) of the Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC highlighted that, “This event aims, among other things, as a forum for exchanging information related to study opportunities in the United States and research collaboration between researchers in the two countries.” 

For information, the live broadcast recording of the Bincang Karya webinar (BIANKA) Series-28 in Business can be accessed on the official Facebook page of Atdikbud USA with the link https://bit.ly/fb-watch-bianka28

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