SS BK 41

Webinar Bincang Karya or BIANKA 41 – Social Science

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SS BK 41

The Contribution of the Indonesian Master and Ph.D. Candidates in the USA for Indonesian Livestock Communities

Washington, DC (07/05) — In the last series of Bincang Karya (Bianka), the Agricultural and Animal Sciences theme was chosen as a response to the latest issues in the livestock sector that need to be discussed. Bianka is a collaborative event between the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, DC with the Indonesia Endowment Funds for Education (LPDP) and the Council of Rectors of Indonesian State University (MRPTNI).

On this occasion, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington, DC, Rosan Roeslani, briefly highlighted the Foot and Mouth Diseases (FMD) outbreak that has attacked livestock in several areas in Indonesia. Ambassador Rosan encouraged young Indonesian intellectuals to continue researching and innovating to overcome the problems in the livestock field.

“New research and innovations are needed in this sector not only to solve the FMD problem but also to increase the productivity of the livestock sector in the future,” said Ambassador Rosan.

The event was also attended by the Director of Scholarships for the Indonesia Endowment Funds for Education (LPDP), Dwi Larso. Dwi said that the FMD outbreak not only resulted in economic losses but also social losses for the Indonesian livestock community. For this reason, Dwi underlined the importance of paying attention and strengthening regulations to protect the livestock sector. ” We need more attention and regulation to prefer unwanted things from attacking Indonesian again,” said Dwi.

The Educational and Cultural Attaché (Atdikbud) hoped that this event could increase the number of Indonesian students who continue their studies in the United States with government scholarships, one of which is the LPDP Scholarship, particularly in the fields of animal sciences. “In addition, it is also hoped that there will be more research or education collaboration between Indonesian students or researchers and experts in the US,” added Atdikbud Popy.

Agung Irawan, a Ph.D. student in the field of Animal Science, Oregon State University, presented his research on the use of industrial hemp from cannabidiol (CBD) extraction. “My research aims to carry a comprehensive assessment of the use of industrial hemp for livestock to humans when the milk or beef is eaten by consumers,” explained Agung.

Dita Yulianingsih, a student of the Master’s program in Animal Science at the University of Maryland talked about the research currently being carried out, namely the prevalence study of Salmonella Pullorum and Gallinarum in poultry. “Later on, after I get the isolates from the farm and it has been confirmed for Pullorum and Gallinarum, I will conduct an antibiotic resistance test against these 2 bacteria, and later we will develop alternative prevention for Salmonella Pullorum and Gallinarum,” said Dita.

This activity especially invited Staci L. Simonich, Dean of College of Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University. Staci explained that her institution has many researchers whose research works have been widely cited. It was also mentioned that the institution also has Global Hemp Innovation Centers and the Marine Mammal Institute which focuses on marine mammal conservation.

Carol L. Keeper, Director of Graduate Programs, University of Maryland, College Park also joined the event. Carol said that the faculty carried out research in several areas including Genetics and Cell Biology, Nutrient Utilization and Metabolism, Pathobiology and Infectious Diseases, Reproduction and Development, and Animal and well-being.

The 41st series of Bincang Karya was led by Dicky Tri Utama, a Lecturer at the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Universitas Padjadjaran as the moderator. Watch the recording of the live broadcast of the 41st Series Bincang Karya (BIANKA) Webinar in Agricultural and Animal Sciences on the official Atdikbud USA Facebook page with the link

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