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Final Round of the Indonesian Language Competition in the USA 2020: Beginner Poetry Writing and Reading

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berita puisi beginner

Click the link below to watch the recorded live event:

All the Five Finalists Showed Their Astonish Performances in the Final Round of the Indonesian Language Competition (Lomba Bahasa Indonesia) 2020 for Beginner Poetry Writing and Reading

A number of participants took part in Indonesian Language Competition 2020 for the Beginner Poetry Writing and Reading ( Lomba Bahasa Indonesia Kategori Cipta dan Baca Puisi Tingkat Pemula) 2020 virtually.

The event, which was held by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington D.C., USA through the Education and Culture Attaché in collaboration with COTI (Consortium of Teaching of Indonesian) in the US, has successfully selected ten participants to perform in the final round though some participants could not make their presence.

The finalist who managed to show their best performances in front of the judges namely:

-Carson Liston Swank; Mike Walsh and AJ-George Gaich – Indonesia

-Justin Richard Lobo – Indonesian in San Diegoku

-Jennifer Chattic – untitled

-Skylar Megan McElroy – Indonesia and the Moon

-Hassan Walid Osman – Looking for Indonesia in My World

This competition caught the attention of Prof. Kevin W. Fogg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Associate Director, Carolina Asia Center. He felt glad that all the participants involved in this wonderful event and he could watch their performances. Surprisingly, he wrote a rhyme (Pantun) and read it as his closing statement.

“Leaves on the ground at the start of winter

A sign of the work I have to do

Thanks to the Indonesian learners

And the poetry shared by you.”

To enliven the event, Andrea Decker, the host of the competition sang the Indonesian national songs entitled “Rayuan Pulau Kelapa” and with the participants sang “Rasa Sayange.”


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