Gamelan Bali Course

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Offers free Balinese Gamelan Class

gamelan bali

Bali has a great diversity of Gamelan Instruments and Musical Styles. Ceremonial pieces are meditative and serene while dance and theater music percolates and flutters. Instrumentation takes many forms, from heavy bronze or playful bamboo, to iron slabs and tinkling cymbals. Melodic instruments include bar percussion, rows of small gongs, and flutes. Larger gongs and bar instruments outline the melodic structure.

This session, we offers only for 7 (seven) student, first come, first serve (registrants should be physically able to remain seated on the floor – the position for playing many instruments)

The Course will be held every Wednesday, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Fall Program (from Sept 13 – Dec 6)

Click here, for register online by August first