Gamelan Jawa Course

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Offers free Javanese Gamelan Class



Gamelan music is obviously quite different from western music. In its traditional form it is cyclical and consists of different layers of melody. It is a co-operative music with a delicate balance between the various instruments, in which the whole body of sound is important, rather than any individuals.

This session, we offers 3 class of Gamelan, Gamelan for Adults, Gamelan for Middle, High Students and for University Student

The Adult Class Will be held every Thursday,  7.00pm-9.00pm from January 11 – April’ 26

The Middle, High Sc Will be held every Thursday,  5.00pm-6.00pm from, January 11 – April’ 26 (not available)

The Univ. Student Will be held every Monday,  7.00pm-9.00pm from January 8 – April’ 23

All Classes will perform in front of the general public at the end of the course. Each class is limited to 16 persons (registrants should be physically able to remain seated on the floor – the position for playing many instruments)

Please register online by January 25,     click here