Indonesia Superhero – Read On!!


Indonesian Superhero – Read On! (IS-RON)

Interactive Reading Book Program: Connecting USA to Indonesia

Hosted by Indonesian Embassy, Washington, D.C., USA in collaboration with BASAbali and District of Columbia Public Schools


To all readers,


The Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC through the Education and Culture Attache designed and hosted the virtual interactive book reading program called Indonesian Superhero – Read On! or abbreviated as IS-RON. This activity is executed together with the support from BASAbali and District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). is a nonprofit collaboration of artists, students, and community members who are strengthening local languages, culture and environment, using Bali, Indonesia, as a model.


The IS-RON program provides the medium to learn simple words of Bahasa Indonesia for students at grade 5 to grade 8, such as the words of sekolah (school), pahlawan (hero), etc. This program encourages students to raise the awareness about improving the environment through a community-developed Indonesian Superhero, Luh Ayu Manik Mas.
The IS-RON program visualizing a superhero, Luh Ayu Manik Mas, an 8th grade girl who transforms into a superhero when danger calls. In her latest adventure, co-written by an American and a Balinese high school student along with their Balinese mentor, Luh Ayu addresses the problem of packing waste. The story unfolds as one of Luh Ayu Manik’s friends receives a package — with lots of packaging material — from her American friend. It is set during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This interactive virtual reading program was attended by students from twelve different schools in Washington, DC, and these participating students were provided with one superhero book per student.


The schools participating this year in the program were:


  1. J.C. Nalle Elementary School
  2. Watkins Elementary School
  3. School Without Walls at Francis Stevens
  4. McKinley Middle School
  5. Powell Bilingual Elementary School
  6. Capitol Hill Montessori @ Meyer
  7. West Education Campus
  8. Excel Academy
  9. Garrison Elementary School
  10. Hardy Middle School
  11. Hearst Elementary School
  12. Ketcham Elementary School



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