meet the judge 3

Indonesian Language Competition in the USA 2020: Meet the Judges for Speech Category

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meet the judge 3

(12/13/2020). The judging process of Indonesian Language Competition in the USA 2020 was conducted by Indonesian language lecturers and BIPA activists who are members of the Consortium for Teaching of Indonesian (COTI) in USA.

For speech category, one of the judges was Erlin Barnard, BIPA teacher and the Foreign Language Program Pedagogical Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison whose areas of expertise are Language Pedagogy, Materials Development, and Second Language Acquisition.

She was in the board of the judges in speech category along with Andang Purnama, COTI activist and BIPA teacher at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C. He is experienced in teaching Indonesian Language and Culture to US military, diplomats, government employees, students and professionals (on site and online) since June 2006.

Meanwhile, Agustini, their colleague in COTI, an Indonesian language lecturer and the Director of the Southeast Asian Language Program at the University of Michigan also participated as one of the judges at the final round of this category.

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