To all readers,

The Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC through the Education and Culture Attache in collaboration with LPDP (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education), Ministry of Finance, the Republic of Indonesia, and MRPTNI (Council of Rector of the Indonesia State Universities) held a series of webinars, namely Konsultas Tembus Amerika Serikat dengan Beasiswa (abbreviarted as KONSULTASI).


The webinar of KONSULTASI aims to:

-increase the preference of Indonesians to pursue masters and doctoral studies in the United States on scholarships,

-share experiences of Indonesian students who are currently studying in the United States with scholarships in preparing themselves to qualify for scholarships and being accepted at universities in the United States; as well as tips for achieving academic achievement and facing other non-academic challenges,

-increase students’ competencies in building network with other stakeholders and in preparing themselves as professionals after graduating from higher education in the US.


Detailed information of the KONSULTASI Webinar and the recorded Event at Facebook Page:


Webinar KONSULTASI Seri-1 : https://fb.watch/2y0FXbwsXA/



Webinar KONSULTASI Seri-2 : https://fb.watch/2y1hR2wkEX/



Webinar KONSULTASI Seri-3 : https://fb.watch/2y1kR5P81H/



Webinar KONSULTASI Seri-4 : https://fb.watch/2y1p2i5TVu/



Webinar KONSULTASI Seri-5 : https://fb.watch/2y1tL1McpM/



Webinar KONSULTASI Seri-6 : https://fb.watch/2qzpTpa19m/