berita speech

Live event of the Speech Indonesian Language Competition in the USA 2020

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berita speech

Saturday (12/11) the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C through the Education and Culture Attaché in collaboration with Consortium for the Teaching of Indonesian (COTI) now and again held Indonesian Language Competition ( Lomba Bahasa Indonesia) 2020. All the nine participants competed for speech category.

This virtual speech competition ran smoothly and has successfully gathered a lot of enthusiasm from the participants and audience. Watch the live broadcast on the following link

Hosted by Kristin D, student who is learning Indonesian and the Jaipong dance at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C., the competition was then opened by the Education and Culture Attaché, Popy Rufaidah. In her speech, Popy expressed her glad at the enthusiasm of the participants who took part in the selection since the beginning. In this final stage, nine finalists have been selected to present their best speeches so that they can be judged and selected as winners.

The nine finalists are:

-Elizabeth Ann Adkins (Hope Advanced Veterinary Center)

-Eunji Won (Northern Illinois University)

-Grace Madison Gott (Indiana University)

-Hazen Daniel Williams (Georgetown University, Washington DC)

-James Chandler Llewellyn (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

-John McCann Bassett (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

-Kyra Rachel Jasper (Stanford University)

-Moniek Jacqueline van Rheenen (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

-Stephen Louis Spanos (Georgetown University, Washington DC)

Those participants made speeches on different topics. Some current issues such as Omnibus law, resilience in conflict, Covid-19 impact, women and food security, unity in diversity, the relocation of the new capital city of Indonesia as well as Indonesian heritage were raised by all nine finalists. Kristin’s performance in singing two Dangdut songs during the competition made this event even more festive.

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