Living in Indonesia

For students first arriving, Indonesia can sometimes be a confusing place. Some differences with the United States are a natural result of the country’s unique culture. For example, television commercials are not just in a different language, but in a different style to appeal to the unique market. Some women dress differently, choosing to wear the conservative head-scarf, or jilbab. And etiquette is different, too. Sometimes, just trying to greet someone politely can be confusing!Fortunately, no visitor is alone. Indonesians are friendly, and will usually help you if you ask. In addition, many Western and American visitors have long experience with Indonesia. Their websites can be very helpful to first-time visitors.Some of these websites are listed below. Please note, however, that the Embassy posts these links as a service to visitors, and not as a recommendation. External links should not be construed as an endorsement of the views contained therein.


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