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To all readers,

Indonesian Embassy in Washington, D.C. through the Education and Cultural Attaché in collaboration with the Council of Rector of Indonesian State Universities (MRPTNI: Majelis Rektor Perguruan Tinggi Negeri Indonesia) and the United States and Canada (I-4 US-Canada: Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia Internasional Amerika Serikat dan Kanada) International Association of Indonesian Scientists to organize People-to-People (P2P) Relationships by hosting the Indonesian Faculties in the US or academics diaspora from the US and Canada teaching at Indonesian State Universities in the form of Virtual Public Lectures.

The purpose of these activities is to support the “Merdeka Belajar” Program of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

Implementation of activities during the fall period (Odd Semester) in 2020 starting the 18th of September to December 2020

47 (fortyseven) academics diaspora involved in the program come from 42 (fortytwo) Universities in the United States and Canada, and guest lecturers from Australia (1 person), Switzerland (1 person) and England (4 people)

The general lecture topics delivered by the academic diaspora consisted of 17 (seventeen) scientific clusters.



Popy Rufaidah

Education and Cultural Attaché, Indonesian Embassy, Washington, DC


No Indonesian Faculties in US involved in P2P Relationships – VPL University
1 Prof. Deden Rukmana, Ph.D. Alabama A&M University
2 Datu Buyung Agusdinata, Ph.D. Arizona State University
3 Rizal F. Hariadi, Ph.D. Arizona State University
4 Peter Suwarno, Ph.D. Arizona State University
5 Halbana Tarmizi, Ph.D. Bemidji State University
6 Agus Sofyan, Ph.D. Big Sandy Community & Technical College
7 Prof. Fahlino F. Sjuib, Ph.D. Boston College & Framingham State Univ.
8 Derry Wijaya, Ph.D. Boston University
9 Prof. Taufik, Ph.D. Cal Poly State University
10 Dian Nostikasari, Ph.D Drake University
11 Candra Chahyadi, Ph.D. Eastern Illinois University
12 Novalia Pishesha, Ph.D Harvard University
13 Etin Anwar, Prof., Ph.D. Hobart and William Smith Colleges
14 Shalahudin Kafrawi, Ph.D. Hobart and William Smith Colleges
15 Arief Setiawan, Ph.D Kennesaw State University
16 Siti Nur Hidayati, Ph.D Middle Tennessee State University
17 Ira M. Sigar, Ph.D Midwestern University
18 Prof. Ridwan Sakidja, Ph.D. Missouri State University
19 Prof. Iin Handayani, Ph.D Murray State University
20 Natarianto Indrawan, Ph.D National Energy Technology Laboratory
21 Julius Marpaung, Ph.D Northeastern University
22 Yustianto Tjiptowidjojo, Ph.D Northeastern University
23 Prof. Taifo Mahmud, Ph.D Oregon State University
24 Rachmadian Wulandana, Ph.D State University of NY (SUNY) New Paltz, NY
25 Prof  Anastasia Muliana, Ph.D Texas A&M University
26 Negar Kalantar, Ph.D Texas A&M University
27 George Anwar, Ph.D UC Berkeley
28 Juliana Wijaya, Ph.D University of California, Los Angeles
29 Muhamad Ali, MA, Ph.D. University of California, Riverside
30 Haryadi S. Gunawi, Ph.D University of Chicago
31 Cortino Sukotjo, Ph.D University of Illinois, Chicago
32 Prof. Teruna Siahaan, Ph.D University of Kansas
33 Ignatius Cahyanto, Ph.D University of Louisiana at Lafayette
34 R. Dwi Susanto, Ph.D. University of Maryland
35 Andi Saptono, Ph.D University of Pittsburgh
36 Prof. Romulus Godang, Ph.D. University of South Alabama
37 Nurhidajat Sisworahardjo, Ph.D University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
38 Halimin Herjanto, Ph.D University of The Incarnate Word
39 Erlin Barnard, Ph.D University of Wisconsin-Madison
40 Prof. Victor Ginting, Ph.D. University of Wyoming
41 Justinus A. Satrio, Ph.D. Villanova University
42 Prof. Siti Kusujiarti, Ph.D. Warren Wilson College, North Carolina
43 Prof. Sumarsam, Ph.D. Wesleyan University, CT
44 Indriyo Sukmono, M.S. Yale University


No Indonesian Faculties in Canada as part of P2P Relationships – VPL Program University
1 Merlyna Lim, Ph.D. Carleton University
2 Hendra Hermawan, Ph.D Laval University, Québec
3 Agus Sasmito, Ph.D McGill University
4 Eva Suarthana, M.D, M.S, M.Sc McGill University
5 Togas Tulandi, MD, MHCM, FRCSC, FACOG McGill University
6 Tammara Soma, Ph.D Simon Fraser University
7 Prof. Abidin Kusno, Ph.D. York University


No Indonesian Faculties in Overseas as Gues Lecturers as part of P2P Relationships – VPL Program University
1 Dian Kusuma, ScD, MPH Imperial College London, Inggris
2 Prof. Dr. Azhar Zam University of Basel, Switzerland
3 Dono Widiatmoko University of Derby, Inggris
4 Arief Gusnanto, Ph.D University of Leeds, Inggris
5 Prof. Delvac Oceandy, MD, Ph.D University of Manchester, Inggris
6 Beben Benyamin, Ph.D University of South Australia
7 Bramasta Nugraha, Ph.D University of Zurich, Switzerland