berita kibar 9

Webinar KIBAR on Business, Supply Chain & Community Planning

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berita kibar 9

Washington, DC., (11/19/2020). The 9th series of KIBAR (Kitorang Bicara) focused discussing Business, Supply Chain & Community Planning Study program. KIBAR (Kitorang Bicara) or “We talk” is a serial-webinar held by the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C., USA through the Attaché for Education and Culture.

The recorded live event of KIBAR Seri-9 with the theme: “Business, Supply Chain and Community Planning,” can be accessed in the following link

Prof. Popy Rufaidah, the Education and Cultural Attaché, chaired this event. In this incredible webinar, several speakers participated and delivered their presentations. Dr. Philip Mote, Vice Provost and Dean for the Graduate School Oregano State University, gave a brief introduction about Oregano State University and highlighted their connection with Indonesia. In addition, Dr. Mote also explained about the graduate programs that Oregano State University offers. There are 57 doctoral programs PhDs in the Science and Engineering and also Doctor in education, pharmacy and Doctor in Veterinary Medicine which ten of these are available online through ecampus, an online learning platform that had established before the Covid-19. There are also 74 Master’s programs offered by Oregano State University, the 5th best university in the US, which 17 of these also available online.

Meanwhile, Sweta Byahat, PhD., the Associate Professor and Director, Graduate program in community Planning – Auburn University, talked about the Community Planning Program and gave an overview about Auburn University as well as shared some of their students’ experiences. Community planning program of Auburn University, program that is ranked in the 10th in the country among top small city programs and 6th in the city in diversity, gains 90%-95% of absorption rate within the 6 months of graduation. This program also provides students opportunities to learning by doing where students can work with local communities. usually, students help them make a plan. This is one of the best practices that has been recognized nationally.

The session continued by inviting an Indonesian student, Cecilia Mehua, BSc, a master student of Science in Business with Minor in Supply Chain Analytics – Oregano State University. In her session, she talked a lot about how Supply Chain helps improving the economics value in Jayapura. At the early stage of her presentation, she explained clearly about what is actually Supply Chain and its flow. Furthermore, she gave a description on the condition of how people sell their product and how this concept can be applied there to improve their profit. Ms. Mehua added that the success of the implementation of this concept can be achieved through the collaboration of three parties namely the business sector, the government sector and the people of Jayapura.

The last speaker was Greece Lilyan Ibo, a student of Master in Community Planning (Urban Design) – Auburn University, Alabama, USA. Ms. Ibo focused her presentation in explaining about equity in planning. While most of people know Community Planning or Urban Planning is about designing a city, she chose to speak from the other perspective. She talked about equity, fairness and social justice. She Also brought the issue of diversity and inclusion. She believed that a good city development should also consider the diversity and accommodate the needs of the people including people with disabilities. To conclude the presentation, she also explained about the concept of public engagement and empowerment. She stated that a city development should also involve the local people.

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