berita kibar 10

Webinar KIBAR on Computer Science & Education

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berita kibar 10

Washington, DC., (12/03/2020). The 10th series of KIBAR (Kitorang Bicara) invited some speakers to have presentations under the theme of Computer Science & Education study programs. Prof. Popy Rufaidah, the Education and Cultural Attaché, chaired this virtual event. KIBAR (Kitorang Bicara) or “We talk” is a serial-webinar held by the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C., USA through the Attaché for Education and Culture.

The recorded live event of KIBAR Seri-10 can be accessed in the following link

The first speaker was Prof. Jeff Gray ACM Distinguished Member, Department of Computer Science, University of Alabama, delivered The Role of Computer Science in Building Educational Applications. Prof. Gray also explained research project of the students in Alabama with Marcedez-Benz. Also, he told the CS Master’s and Ph.D. Studies at the University of Alabama.

Dr. Phil Smith as the second speaker gave a brief introduction about University of South Florida including what programs are offered such as Master of TESOL and various graduate certificates that can be taken while the students are doing either masters or the doctorate. Dr. Smith also explained how they use technology in teaching. His student in Master of Curriculum & Instruction in TESOL, Lucia Ekawati Ikanubun, claimed a new idea to assist students in processing new information by using A Model of Human Memory. She asked the teachers and educators to engage the students’ learning process.

The webinar was continued by inviting Herart D. Nurue, M.Sc. as Ph.D. Student in department of Computer Science, University of Alabama – LPDP Awardee. His proposed research topic is Application for Education: Programming in Blocks. He has a method to introduce coding to the children. In his future research, his team wants to make learning that is not only drag and draw, how the learning process for the program shows the process from the start which later shows the process flow in detail that can be explained coherently.

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